Sunday, November 20, 2011

What's inside my makeup purse and what I use for my face :3

What's inside my makeup pouch?

ELF eyebrow kit~Ellefar SlimColor Pact~Etude House baby Skin Foundation~
EH Eyelash primer~Maybelline HyperCurl mascara in black~
Shawill baby pink blusher~Revlon  SuperLustrous  lipstick in Ginger Rose~
EH golden brow makeup~EH OhMyLine liquid eyeliner in black~WoodPecker hairbrush

Nowadays, I use baby powder on top of my thinly applied foundation because I go to hot locations a lot (my work as an HR person requires me to visit the factory often). I do not have a lot of time to retouch nor blot my face with oil control paper so the low maintenance girl in me kicks in and opts for baby powder which is so light you feel fresh whenever you put it on. : ) J&J baby powder in the blue bottle is my fave. ~

On another note, I rarely leave the house without applying foundation. Well, more of a thinly spread amount since I sport a "no makeup" look almost everyday. It's also a good baby powder primer.hahaha! *Baby powder's got a primer now, huh?LOL* Since I have combination skin (I have an oily face with patches of dry skin), it's kind of a good idea to use foundation before baby powder to avoid the powder from highlighting my face's dry parts.

Note though that not all foundations/BB creams work well with baby powder. Some may turn cake-y and some may oxidize so much that they crack. Eww.

Okaaaaay. Here are my fave baby powder bases! Er, foundations/BB cream that goes well with baby powder.LOL

Etude House Baby Skin Foundation~Revlon PhotoReady~Maybelline BB Cream

These 3 are what I have tried so far that are A-okay with baby powder. :)

So for those who are kind of low maintenance or do not have the patience to retouch/dab on their faces all the time, these 3 + baby powder may work for you. 

Well, check if it works for your skin type first ofcourse. : )

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