Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eyebrow Makeup Tutorial (Cream and Powder Makeup)

Finally, got the time to blog!
I made a video tutorial of how I draw my eyebrows. For that, since I have colored my hair light brown already (Yes, I have said goodbye to blonde butttt everybody's saying my hair's still blonde..just less bright. Argh.), I can now use brown eyebrow makeup again. Awesome 'cause I really love natural colored eyebrows.

What I use for my eyebrows is ELF's Eyebrow Kit.

ELF Eyebrow Kit: Dark brown is cream, brown  is powder.

Staying power of the product is great. I use it for my makeup work too (yes, even for weddings and photoshoots where the lights are harsh) and it stays for a whole day. Well, unless if you have super oily skin then better use primer first. :)

The greatest things about the kit is that it's all you need to draw a whole eyebrow. No need to buy pencils, etc. unless you really want a defined look or a Dita von Teese look which requires other products. It's super cheap as well. Strong brows or natural ones, you can achieve with this.

Here is the video!


As for my "brow inspiration", I got two. They are local celebrities, Kim Chiu and Heart Evangelista. Both always have beautifully drawn eyebrows. But looking at their brows, I believe their makeup artists use wet brushes to apply powder makeup. :) I'll do another tutorial on that one another time. ^_^

So for now, this'll do!hehe
Thanks for reading and visiting!!~

<3, Shiu

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