Sunday, November 13, 2011

Review: Revlon PhotoReady and Etude House Lip Concealer

Nu ni nu ni nu.. ~

This is more of a follow-up entry from the last one. I just separated this review to avoid too long posts.

Anyhoo, a lot has been asking me what foundation I really love. The answer is: Revlon PhotoReady.

PhotoReady in 004-Nude
This is actually my 2nd bottle already. Bought this from my friend/former officemate, Dana, since she wanted another product. So...

Here's the swatch on my hand. 

It is a liquid foundation with tiny sparkles. Not the scary sparkles like glitters, mind you. It's not too obvious, anyway, so no need to be bothered about it. It goes on thin but has really good coverage. A small amount goes a long way too so a bottle can last you a while. :p You can easily blend it using your fingers. But if you want an even application, the use of a foundation or a stipling brush is still the way to go. As for myself, I just use my fingers because I think my skin's okay right now.hehe I just use my brush when I need full coverage. :D

Left side- With PhotoReady (1 layer only); Right- No Makeup
Sorry for the scary photo!LOL You can see that with PhotoReady, even with just one layer, my skin already looks even! I applied this with my fingers that's why it looks thinly spread (which I personally like). Actually, I do not use concealer. I just double the application on problem areas like my under eyes, sides of nose and around the mouth. I pat powder on top of it after to set it.

Okay, as a review:

  • Great coverage. No need for powder if you have dry skin.
  • Stays all day long even without retouch if you aren't sweating profusely and dabbing on your face often.haha
  • Even with just one layer of application, you can already see the photoshop effect. It does live up to its name PhotoReady. :)
  • 1 bottle can last you a while. Small amount can already cover so much.
  • Light on the face. It does not have the heavy feel of foundation. It's not icky and hot as well. Perfect for the Philippine weather. 

  • I do not recommend this for oily skin. It has low oil control and can make your face greasy at the middle of the day. However, if you keep your oil blotters near (and your face powder) then this can be remedied. Those with dry skin will love this. 
  • Has tiny, tiny sparkles that not everyone may like. Note that these sparkles are NOT really that visible. It's just an issue with me 'cause I notice these things.hahaha! Sorry!
  • Quite pricey for students. A little under PhP1,000. 

As for the oily skin issue, I actually have oily skin and I USE IT. Since I'm not really a "retouch fusser" and I always oil blot (or tissue blot) my face anyway, I manage to keep my face from looking like an oil spill.haha It's just like this: Do you favor oil control over having flawless skin? If yes, then do not buy this. Easy as that. :))

Another product I'm gonna review now is Etude House's Lip Concealer which I heartttt.
I have two major problems about my lips: 1. It's really pigmented, meaning they look deeply colored (red to berry--depending on the temp) and 2. I am acidic, meaning that I have high acid level and any lipstick on my puckers will turn reddish/berry-ish after a while.
You may say, "What's the problem with that?? Having deeply colored kissers are nice!" Well it can be but for a person who loves nude and pale lipsticks, this is heart breaking, ok??

So before, what I do to keep my lips pale is applying powder on it before putting on lipstick. It does the trick but purchasing a lip concealer is way better.
I had an ELF lip concealer before but I discontinued using it because it has a tendency to dry the lips, giving you a cracked lipstick look after a while. **ewwy on my book.

That's why i am madly in love with EH's Color Me Nude lip concealer.

Review Time:

  • Cheap, cheap, cheap. A little over a hundred bucks. :D
  • Comes in stick (lipstick) form which makes it easier to use than gloss types.
  • Doesn't come off easily. It's stay-on power is dependent on the lipstick you are wearing. 
  • Tastes okay. Not scented nor flavored.
  • Easy to blend. 

  • Needs about two swipes on my lips to really cover its color. Number and thickness of swipes vary with different lip colors, ofcourse.

Yup, just one con for me! <3
I really like this one. It can even be your base lippe if you want to wear just your colored or tinted lipgloss! Like this:
Used with Shawill Crystal Gloss

Pale Happy!~

So I highly recommend it to everybody. :D

'Til next time! ; )

<3, Shiu


  1. Thanks for the Photoready reviews ❤
    and I love that etude concealer too :D

  2. Makes me wanna try etude house lip concealer!! Thanks!! :)