Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review: ELF Tone Correcting Concealer

After quite a long time, here's a review. :)

I am not really a fan of concealers then since I do not really have anything to conceal. I consider myself lucky before. However, due to frequent late nights (hello, rush paper works and DVD marathons with sibs!), I developed these hideous dark circles under my eyes. :(
They look really *insert sad adjective here* on me. Imagine a perky face with dark under eyes. Weird, eh?

So the last week, I went to the mall and  purchased this low priced concealer. Low priced @ PhP129! Awesomesauce.

I already got a stick concealer but I want to use a cream/liquid concealer this time since stick concealers tend to be cakey and/or thick. :-/ I also wanted it to be in a small container so it would fit my already bursting beauty kit. Anddddd the last criteria for my demanding list is that it should have a sponge applicator for hassle free applications. :)

You know what, I'm not really a big fan of ELF cosmetics but I'm starting to love it now! Their products are beginning to be really nice. They also stay longer than their earlier released products. Yipee!

ELF says:
  • Hides complexion imperfections
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Natural looking, silky smooth coverage

I say:
  • Yes, it does cover complexion imperfections. However since it goes on very thin, you need to apply twice. But no worries! After those 1st 2 applications, it stays for the whole day. ^_^
  • Again, yes, it evens out skin tone.
  • This is what I loved most about this--it looks natural! It does not thicken even when mixed with facial oil at the middle of the day and it's smooth, not chalky. 

I was lucky cos my tube was the last one for my shade (the lightest, which is Apricot Beige). Guess it was meant to be? LOL Overall, the product has a FIVE~STAR~RATING for me. ^_~ Just a tip: Top it with face powder for more staying powder. After that, no more retouches! Neat, huh?

I really recommend this concealer. : )

'Til next time! Ciao!

Oh, BTW! I succumbed to having a haircut today!~ My hair badly needs it so, tadah! 
D'you like it?? haha :D

<3, Shiu

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