Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tutorial: Smoky Brown Eyeshadow


     A few days ago, my friend, Ellaine, told me that she will be attending a wedding some time this month. She has already decided that she wants to do smoky eyes but cannot decide on what color to use. She asked me if she can go with grey and I was like, "NO."hahaha I'm not saying that grey is a bad color but it's because it can look ashy if not mixed with other colors like black or blue (but since it's a wedding, we do not really want my friend to look too dramatic).

     So I suggested she go for brown. Think VS Angels here. They're almost always wearing brown smoky eyeshadow! It's because brown can be subtle yet sexy at the same time. It gives your eyes the enough smoky look but is still wearable for daytime.

     "Brown? I have no idea how to layer browns," she told me panic stricken.LOL So I said I'll make a tutorial for her. :)
So sorry for the scary thumbnail.HAHA Stupid YouTube thingy. >:(
    Makeup Used:
  • Japanese-drugstore-eyeshadow-brand-I-completely-forgot-the-name in shades of brown and gold
  • peach Elianto blush 
  • Revlon PhotoReady
  • Fanny Serrano Loose Powder
  • ELF eye prime and seal
  • ELF eyebrow makeup
  • Etude House Oh m'Eyeline Liquid Eyeliner in Black
  • false eyelashes
  • nude lipstick and lipgloss
       Eye primers are really important, most especially if you will be attending day-long events because it really holds the eye makeup longer. Think foundation for the eyes. :) I suggest for you to try the ELF eye primer/sealer. It gets the job done plus it's very cheap.

     And like what I always say to those with problems regarding eyeshadow mixing/layering/blending, my advice still remains: Stick to quads and other color-family palettes! They are really a blessing to beginners. All you gotta do is figure out the lightest to darkest and start from there. Heck, you can even create lots of looks with just one palette! :)

    So I hope that this entry has been helpful to you, reader.
    'Til next blog post!

Selcas to help you see what it looks like!~

    Since I doubt you can get the palette I used here in the Philippines, I suggest that you buy Maybelline's Diamond Eyeshadow quad in Copper Brown. : ) 

-Shiu <3

Thursday, October 13, 2011

How I do my hair--er, most of the time. :P

Since I have gone golden brown <again, I colored my hair with Palty Hard Bleach Golden Brown>, I have been receiving a lot of compliments. Maybe because the color went well with my now uberly long hair (it's nearing my waist!! Yippeee!).

I have wavy hair so most of the time, I wear it with loose waves. Since I had my hair bleached, I try my best not to use my hair iron anymore to minimize the damage. I curl it by twisting it up into a bun. I only use my iron when I already had hair treatments and other hair care stuff and my hair feels really healthy. :) Cheater. :p

Like in this video. :) Since many have been asking me how I do my hair, this is the answer to that.

Please, please, please do forgive me for this is my 1st ever video.HAHA I may look like a complete moron to you so,..hahahaha Soorrrrryyyy for being such a noob!~~

OH! This hairstyle is very inspired by Kim Shin Yeong. ^_^ I love, love her. <I want her legs pleeeeease!>

There! Hope yah like it!! Buh-bye for now!

XO, Shiu