Saturday, December 3, 2011

Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Shine Free Cake Powder

The other day, mom (Mommy Rhea) accompanied me to the mall 'cause I needed to buy some makeup for work. So we decided to visit SM Fairview since it's very near our home. Anyhoots, since I wanted the trip to be quick, I decided to shop in Watson's. :P

Note: If you are a lazy makeup shopper or if you need to have a wide variety of choices, Watson's is the place to go. :) They have both local and foreign brands so you have a lot of options. Also, what I definitely love about Watson's is that they have lots of promos! Just like now, they are giving away these cute makeup bags for every purchase of PhP1,000. Mom got the green while I took home a pink. :D

Going back, so I bought a lot of stuff including a gold gel eyemakeup (I can sense an SNSD's The Boys MV tutorial nearing...LOL) which was on sale for, gasp!!, PhP45!!!hahahaha Cool huh? Fashion 21, you will forever be in my heart!

Mom went to the Maybelline counter and scoured the cake powder. I have always wanted to get this gorgeously pink compact but I was too kuripot since I am deeply in love with my Fashion21 Milk Powder and I have just bought its refill. 
So being the good mom that she is, she bought one for me and my sister! Thanks, moooom!

I picked 02 Nude Beige. :)

Maybelline says:
  • Its got shine control, high UV protection, offers instant fairness and visibly smooth complexion, blends away dark spots, conceals blemishes and pores and is tone perfecting and long lasting.

My take on the product:
  • Yes, it does have high shine control. However, it weakens with sweat. :( A really humid day can get this looking like baby powder. :P
  • I have always loved products with UV protection because I burn easily. :( So, almost all of my skin products got UV protection. So it's always a plus on my book.
  • Instant fairness, hmmm yes, on the parts that have discoloration. But it fits my complexion to a T so the fairness factor, I'm not sure with me. It just blends with my skin tone.haha
  • As for the dark spots, yes it does cover them pretty good, actually! I got broken capillaries on my cheeks and it was camouflaged. :)
  • Long lasting? See shine control above.
  • Smooth complexion, yes. It gives you a natural look and it is very lightweight. No gunky makeup feeling. It's breathable too. Also gives pores the minimized effect which is always good. :)

The packaging is the ultimate reason of why I wanted this.haha I did not even tried it on! I was just fixated on it as soon as a watched its TV commercial.hehe 
Judging from my comments above, it's clear that I am smitten with this baby. I just have a bit of a problem with it...

Its got these effing holes underneath!! Huhu Mom was disappointed about this too for it is unhygienic and may cause trouble for your bag if powder suddenly cracks. :( Why oh why did they not just put the sticker on the holes, right?? Weird. If they have another purpose for this, please do enlighten me. 

This is me with no makeup (except for eyeliner):

Me with Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One:

Hope this is helpful!~

<3, Shiu

I'm too tired to reread this post so please bear with the wrong stuff.hahahhaha As long as it's understandable, right?hahaha!!Sowwyy. ^_^