Friday, November 4, 2011


    Belated happy Halloween to all of you!~

    I got too busy with the fam to make any new tutorials this holiday so to give you a beauty post today, I'll share my most recent photoshoot.

    For months, I took a break from modeling due to my former job and my family's situation (my mom got sick again with the Big C). So I hid myself behind paper works and tried to be an unregistered nurse to my mom.LOL I had a lot of offers to model and do makeup but I turned them down because of my new job as an HR person (I help manage our agency now, so). I also wanted to have more time with my mom. I stay home as much as I can and being a makeup artist-slash-model requires you to go out often. 

   Consequently, I literally got zero inspiration so I decided to do tutorials recently to boost myself a bit. I cannot live without arts, I tell you. From my tutorials, something sparked inside me again, like a sign, and I realized that I wanted to model again. :) So I immediately contacted my photographer friend, Luis Dalton, before I lost the feeling.  He was out of the country when we planned the shoot (he wanted to have a Popteen theme) and when he got back, I said "Lez go!"

     He invited two of his photographer friends, Allan Mendoza and Roi Francisco, who are two geniuses as well! While I decided to tag along my sister, Abby and her bestfriend, Jessica (she needed photos for a pageant so I asked Luis if she may join us). 

    My clothes were sponsored by Ms. Odess Marquez of The Luxurious Girl. The clothes were crazy amazing!!! I did my hair and makeup for the different sets. I really missed this life. 

Here are The Luxurious Girl's Sites:

by Luis Dalton

by Luis Dalton

by Luis Dalton

**I'll post the photos of Allan and Roi when they get the pictures up, alrytie?? 

     Thumbs up to Luis for his super awesome photos. The guy got some mad skills, yes?

Later kyot people!

<3, Shiu

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