Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Birthday Post

Finally!  A time to blog again! Yokie Emoticons 26

Last March 10, I celebrated my 22nd birthday (yep, I'm not hiding the age though it still makes me cringe) with my family. Just had a small dinner at MannHann restaurant and I was extremely blissful because my loved ones were with me on my special day. ^_^ Sooo..a few days before my birthday, I finally bought an IPhone 4S. I'm not really a techie person and I was originally planning to buy an IPod Touch since I need it for my makeup work. I also did not have the enough amount to buy the expensive smart phone. Well, honestly, the real reason was I feel over extravagant about buying expensive stuff for myself most especially when the thought of saving up or paying the bills enter my mind. But my parents, most especially my sister, urged me to buy it since I need it for work and I'm doing a good job helping with our home expenses. Good family is GOOD family. Yokie Emoticons 3

Mom lent me money to add to my meager savings.hehe And tadah!! I haz IPhone noooooooooow!! Tootooturroooooot!! Yokie Emoticons 17

But what really made me cry was when my birthday came... My boyfriend came to our house really early with no visible gift. Nuninuninu. What?? Where is it?? When finally, he sat me down and explained that he was really planning to surprise me with an IPod Touch but due to my abrupt decision to purchase the IPhone, he was left with no gift. And you know what he did? He went to my mom's room and paid for half of my IPhone. Yokie Emoticons 78 <--------- This is EXACTLY what I looked like at the time. I cried really hard while I hugged him because although I kept on telling him not to do it, he just softly laughed at me and hugged me back, telling me I deserve all of it. I have the awesomest boyfriend in the world. Yokie Emoticons 100

My bestfriend also came and joined the celebration. I really cannot ask for more..

Gifts: Cool pink sneakers from Joshy, Tinkerbell wifebeater and cute tank top from Mommy, tons of ribbons from Mama Jie and brownies from Nila.

I'll share with you some pictures from my birthday:

Birthday Face: Shaded eyes and thick eyeliner. ^_^
Le Generous Boyfriend 
My Mama Jie!! :D

My twin..haha Younger sister, Cheska

My beautiful family!

Baby bro planting one on me hehe

Thank you for raising me as to what kind of person I am now.. Thank you Mama and Mommy. I will love you forever.

Enough with the tears! I'm just so happy to have such a wonderful family who supports me. I may not be the richest girl but I surely am very lucky. To another year of kyot life!! ~
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Love, Shiu

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