Thursday, October 13, 2011

How I do my hair--er, most of the time. :P

Since I have gone golden brown <again, I colored my hair with Palty Hard Bleach Golden Brown>, I have been receiving a lot of compliments. Maybe because the color went well with my now uberly long hair (it's nearing my waist!! Yippeee!).

I have wavy hair so most of the time, I wear it with loose waves. Since I had my hair bleached, I try my best not to use my hair iron anymore to minimize the damage. I curl it by twisting it up into a bun. I only use my iron when I already had hair treatments and other hair care stuff and my hair feels really healthy. :) Cheater. :p

Like in this video. :) Since many have been asking me how I do my hair, this is the answer to that.

Please, please, please do forgive me for this is my 1st ever video.HAHA I may look like a complete moron to you so,..hahahaha Soorrrrryyyy for being such a noob!~~

OH! This hairstyle is very inspired by Kim Shin Yeong. ^_^ I love, love her. <I want her legs pleeeeease!>

There! Hope yah like it!! Buh-bye for now!

XO, Shiu

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